How Many Bees Have You Eaten Today?

Well, me personally, just a few bits and pieces. You see, we harvested honey today, and during the extraction there are always bits of bees floating around before it’s filtered.

You may be wondering why we’ve stolen all the honey from our bees during this crucial time for them.

Unfortunately, we lost our bees early this winter, but we were able to save the honey!

Don’t worry! We will try again this Spring!


The first 5 half gallons are from our hive, the last is from Simpson’s Bee Supply in Danville, OH. It was light in color when we first procured it, but has since crystallized, giving it the darker color.

It was a long, sticky process, with much honey consumed.


Honey comb


Uncapping the comb




And now, the CENTRIFUGE! Also known as a honey extractor.


And inside:


And a tired Becky, (it’s around midnight at this time):


Such a cool machine!!!

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