Here’s the Angelica I showed you last week:

Angelica 1 Angelica 3

And here’s the Angelica this week:

Angelica 4Angelica 2

The second pic shows a close-up of the forming flower heads which will burst into lacy white, yellowish or greenish poofs.

This plant, one of six, is the only one flowering this year, and the only one we will allow to go to seed, as it will likely die after it has reached its planty purpose in life.

At that point we will harvest the seeds (and save some for planting this fall), dig it up and distill the roots and seeds in the essential oil still.

From the other five plants, we intend to harvest tender stems, leaf stalks and the midribs of the leaves, and candy them. However, that is not the limit of it’s uses. Pretty much the entire plant can be used and we have every intention of using the foliage for salad greens and garnish for meats and fish, or wilting them like spinach, and the stems can be blanched like celery.

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