Josh & Becky Wentworth-Kuhn are small-scale herbalists located in Mount Vernon, Ohio. We practice natural methods on our farm, using no chemicals or unnatural additives. We use good, old-fashioned hard work to produce healthy plants and animals.

Most happy when learning about the old and forgotten uses for both the common place and lesser known herbs, plants, tools, and ways of living, the name, Bailiwick Farm, came to us when we were just starting our lives together. We knew we wanted to grow, to produce, to raise animals, sculpt, paint, wild-craft, homestead, and give back to the earth, but we couldn’t settle on just one avenue. In late 2011, we purchased our farm in beautiful Mount Vernon, Ohio. Still struggling with all the ideas in our heads, and the direction we wished to go, we just started building. One project led to another, and another, and still does. As we grow, we find new interests and add them to our life. Now, a few years later, we specialize in naturally grown herbs with an emphasis on the healing & medicinal. Added to our farm, we now have 3 Shetland Sheep, 2 Miniature Donkeys, 3 Honeybee Hives, French Angora Rabbits, and a flock of super wily free range chickens. Our heirloom fruit trees and berry patches are expanding with the addition gooseberries and currants, once banned from Ohio.

Our products are also available through appointment at our farm and Saturdays at the Mt. Vernon Farmer’s Market.

Our farm is generally open by appointment only, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail:

(Josh) 614-306-1277
(Becky) 740-358-9275

You can see more of what we are up to at:


Standard Boilerplate:
Bailiwick Farm is not responsible for the misuse or misguided use of any of our products. All must be aware of any allergies or sensitivities that they may have. If you are currently taking other medications, or have any sensitivities to natural products, than this item is not for you. Furthermore, herbs have been used as medicine throughout history and as such, are medicine. They may cause adverse reactions when mixed with other medication.


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