September CSA Bundle

Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM “What is well planted will not be uprooted.” - Tao Te Ching Traditional Chinese medicine as we know it to date is the culmination of nearly 5,000 years of herbal, nutritional, physical, & physiological study. Much like Ayurveda, it is steeped in tradition and closely aligns itself with nature, the elements, … Continue reading September CSA Bundle

2018 Summer CSA – August

Ayurvedic “All things are the differential apparatus of one infinity.” Unknown Author Hello fellow travelers. This month’s CSA tries to focus primarily on Ayurvedic herbs and applications as well as some traditional herbs used in non-traditional ways. Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic healing that originated in India. The main concept is that the … Continue reading 2018 Summer CSA – August

2018 Summer CSA – July

ROOT AMERICANA / APPALACHIAN Today I went a wandering high atop Mount Vernon. On my walk, I crossed a little plant peeking from the grasses. Unremarkable by any modern standard of beauty, it stood nestled quietly amongst the vast flora and fauna of central Ohio. “Who are you little plant?” I said, to no answer. “Who … Continue reading 2018 Summer CSA – July

The 2018 Finished Product Herb CSA is Here!

Interested in joining our informative, incorrigible, and indubitably interesting monthly finished product herb CSA? The herb share from Bailiwick Farm provides a supply of five handcrafted herbal products, picked up or shipped to you once a month for four months. These items can be paired together or used individually to add spice throughout the month. … Continue reading The 2018 Finished Product Herb CSA is Here!

Elderberry Lore…

As we're at the height of cold and flu season, I've lately been pondering elderberry and the etymology of the name. gives us this definition: "type of berry tree, c. 1400, from earlier ellen, from Old English ellæn, ellærn "elderberry tree," origin unknown, perhaps related to alder, which at any rate might be the … Continue reading Elderberry Lore…

curiouser and curiouser…

Apparently, we have wild mushrooms cropping up everywhere! The weather has been just perfect for their propagation; i.e. wet, damp, and cold. No complaints, though, not when I am greeted by these fantastic fungi on my walk with Puck. Out front by the mulch pile, these itty bitty little guys stretch across a solid 30-foot … Continue reading curiouser and curiouser…

Happy Ending

February 2016 Winter CSA: _____________________________________________________________________   Hello Herb Folk! The final month of the Winter CSA is here. Josh & I sincerely hope you enjoyed being part of our first Winter CSA project! Please let us know how we did. Was there anything you did or did not absolutely enjoy? Was there anything we could … Continue reading Happy Ending

Food is Thy Medicine

January 2016 Winter CSA Newsletter:  Once again we find ourselves in a new year. We find ourselves in the year 2016. We find ourselves in the future. With all the hustle and bustle of the modern world, computerized pings and dings, whirling ghizzmometers and technological tomfoolery, we avail ourselves to all manner of viruses. This … Continue reading Food is Thy Medicine

December Fog Newsletter

If you are anything like the Wentworth-Kuhn family, the Holidays begin with a wee drop of the creature, and end in a blur. This month’s contribution is dedicated to the cause of, and solution to all life’s problems. Included in your parcel: Low Down Bitters Oatmeal Lavender Soap with Deck Bloody Mary Soup Mix Angelica … Continue reading December Fog Newsletter

December Fog

Hi Herb Folks! Hope you enjoyed the December's parcel! In December we included, from left to right: Oatmeal Lavender Soap w/ Soap Deck, Bloody Mary Soup Mix, Lavender Cocktail Syrup, Low Down Bitters, Angelica Sugar and of course, the newsletter. Keep your eyes on the post, for your January parcel is on it's way!