December Fog Newsletter

If you are anything like the Wentworth-Kuhn family, the Holidays begin with a wee drop of the creature, and end in a blur. This month’s contribution is dedicated to the cause of, and solution to all life’s problems. Included in your parcel: Low Down Bitters Oatmeal Lavender Soap with Deck Bloody Mary Soup Mix Angelica … Continue reading December Fog Newsletter

December Fog

Hi Herb Folks! Hope you enjoyed the December's parcel! In December we included, from left to right: Oatmeal Lavender Soap w/ Soap Deck, Bloody Mary Soup Mix, Lavender Cocktail Syrup, Low Down Bitters, Angelica Sugar and of course, the newsletter. Keep your eyes on the post, for your January parcel is on it's way!

Bouquet Garni – Week 8 of the Herb CSA

Here we are, the last week in the Herb CSA.  Hopefully it was fun, informative, and worthwhile! Thank you for participating, we appreciate all of your feedback, and hope to see you next year! Please keep the bag, with our compliments. This week’s parcel includes 4 bouquet garni & a Strawberry Jam with Thai Herbs. … Continue reading Bouquet Garni – Week 8 of the Herb CSA

CSA Survey

Hi Folks! Thank you again for participating in the Herb Share! We have really enjoyed it, and hope you did, too. Please take a moment to tell us what we did right, what we did wrong, and what you’d like to see in the future. Did the cost of the CSA vs. the product received … Continue reading CSA Survey

Hodge Podge – Week 7 of the Herb CSA

As probably inferred from the title, this week’s parcel is a mash of fun and different items. Included are, Fennel Bulbs, Fresh Stevia, Lavender Salt, Lemon Verbena & Gardeners Soap. Enjoy! Also included is a short survey, we’d love to have your feedback! Please return when you pick up week 8.   Fennel is either … Continue reading Hodge Podge – Week 7 of the Herb CSA

On the Side – Week 4 of the Herb CSA

Included in this week’s parcel, we have Winter Savory, Holy Basil, Hyssop, Burnet, & Wild Bergamot. Remember, in Week 2, we included Anise Hyssop, this week is true hyssop! Also included in your newsletter are some helpful tips & hints to help you preserve your herbal bounty. Enjoy!   Winter Savory Winter savory has a … Continue reading On the Side – Week 4 of the Herb CSA

Fines Herbes – Week 1 of the Herb CSA

As the name suggests, this is a delicately balanced bouquet of finely flavored herbs found in French cuisine. Much of the fresh taste in fines herbes is contributed by herbs such as parsley, chervil and Lovage, while distinct anise notes and an appetite-enhancing tang are imparted by dill and tarragon. A fines herbes blend, which … Continue reading Fines Herbes – Week 1 of the Herb CSA

The Herb CSA

This June and July, we are offering an eight week herb share available through The Farm on Kenyon Road.The herb share from Bailiwick Farm provides a weekly supply of herbs. The order may include any combination of fresh culinary herbs, a variety of unique edible plants and flowers, medicinal herbs, dried herbs, teas, and herb … Continue reading The Herb CSA